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Thought spaces :: More than just cards.

Art cards: A perfect symbiosis of a carefully selected image with a surface whose emptiness is pure invitation. An invitation to bring thought pictures into word pictures or into symbolic sketches or into nothing but meaningful silence.

In any case, the picture becomes part of the message and so it is important to me that the card motifs, as well as the personal thoughts and emotions, may break out of the mainstream.

Carried by the desire to give the individual thoughts of the writers an outstanding image partner, I have developed a card set from my pool of contemplative and artistic photography.

Each set contains 6 wonderful, unique art print cards.

The following carefully assembled sets are at your disposal:

THE Sets

Set N° 1

Energy, emptiness and archaic symbolism. About the power of movement and calm pause.
1: "Rhythm of the night" (urban light trails)
2: "Genesis stage IV" (glowing pieces of charcoal)
3: "Thunmagie" (Evening lights on lake Thun)
4: "African skies" (Reflections in the Rosengarten, Bern)
5: "Antarctica" (dents in the paint of a car)
6: "Standing tall" (inflorescences with snow cap)

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Set N° 2

Against the narrow view. Things, freed from the drawer of prejudice, in full splendour.

1: "Fôrdlandia" (Traces of time on an old bus)
2: "Essential blue" (World, Space, Air)
3: "Urban oasis" (Urban intersection at night)
4: "Eye see you" (Air bubbles at the bottom of a well)
5: "Crumbling directions" (Signs on a construction crane)
6: "Sacred lights" (Impression of the old river Aare)

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Set N° 3

The elevation of the superficial monologue into an intimate dialogue with the moment. Wordless or rich in words - always with passion.

1: "The look" (Doors of a cargo elevator)
2: "Floral smile" (laugh at the sky lying in the grass)
3: "Geschichtenlichter" (Staircase Fricktreppe in the night)
4: "Night tunes" (Long-term exposure of a bicycle ride)
5: "Royal sparkle" (Tea tablet in sunlight)
6: "Der Dialog" (Section of track construction machine)

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Set N° 4

Game pictures - picture games. We don't stop playing
because we get old. We get old because we stop playing.

1: "Lucid dreaming" (At eye level with the freshwater pool)
2: "Dance of the nymphs" (A dance of street lamps)
3: "Dream big, little brother" (Dusty Crophopper in front of office lamp)
4: "Edison's Magie" (Spiral-wound filament in action)
5: "Celestial curtain" (Water curtain with spring colours)
6: "Between the worlds" (Soullights in a Church)

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Set N° 5

Projection screens for new world views. Everyday life explored with a fresh spirit,
bubbling with story power.

1: "The getaway" (Rope ladder on deep sea freighter)
2: "Spheres" (Foot and shadow of a wine glass)
3: "Trucking art" (Side panel and flat panel on a delivery van)
4: "Lobster & King" (Shadow throwing garden shop on construction fence)
5: "Rush hour" (Rust stains on galvanized steel beam)
6: "The nautilus" (Tennis hall Neufeld in the evening light)

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Set N° 6

Lustful disappointment: the omission of a restrictive point of view allows little things to grow into great moments.

1: "Iguazzú" (Window pane of a greenhouse)
2: "Keep smiling" (Dent and colour drops on billboard)
3: "break rhythm" (Light reflex on curtain)
4: "After the rain dance" (Rain drops on rain cover)
5: "So many faces" (Alchemilla alpina)
6: "Traces" (Tracks in the snow with evening sun)

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Set N° 7

Dream realities: Whoever meets ordinary things with fantasy, sees them reveal dreamlike realities.

1: "Rising frome the ashes" (fresh mortar on yellow wall)
2: "Deep sea glow" (lime spots on chrome steel jug)
3: "Tribal lights" (stone slabs with moss in the gap)
4: "Seelenwelten" (chain of lights of a christmas decoration)
5: "Monet's dream" (long exposure of a pond)
6: "Towers of color" (Morning sun in drinking glasses)

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Set N° 8

Signs from the depths with the power of transformation. Whether obvious or profound, the magic touches without having to be translated.

1: "Deep layers" (close-up of a Japanese paper lamp)
2: "Garden eden" (without words)
3: "Signs on the horizon" (cracks in paint on yellow excavator)
4: "Moby Dick" (traces of paint from a torn film on a van)
5: "Elementary particles" (long-term exposure of a shop window)
6: "Autumn Sonata" (thousand leaf tones on sidewalk)

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Set à 6 cards: 12.00 CHF
Set à 6 cards incl. envelopes: 14.00 CHF
From 5 sets: each set 11.00 CHF
From 10 sets: each set 10.00 CHF
Shipping cost: in Switzerland 6.00 CHF (free shipping from CHF 100+). Other countries: contact me for a quote.




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