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Perception & Photography Workshop

The space in between

Have you ever thought, in view of a photo: Where can you find such motifs? Would you like to expand your photographic skills and open up new worlds of images? Then this course is a magical and efficient way to do just that.


We are trained to recognize objects and to immediately put them into mental pigeonholes. This is how we usually design our pictures.

This workshop provides background knowledge about human perception, the meaning of space in the emergence of dialogue and relationship between things and many practical exercises to approach the space between things. In this space the relationship between the objects and stories develops and we work out a way of perception and view that can include such relationships in photographs. We also learn a lot about the effect of image compositions.

The workshop teaches you easily applicable instruments to practice independently in this exciting field.

Your pictures will no longer only focus on "things", but will be able to visualize much more relationships, forces, dialogues between elements and between you and what you have seen. The result is talking, exciting and wondrous images.

Since we work in small groups, the workshop offers space for individual questions and objectives. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator



  • The void. All interactions and relationships take place on a "stage", a space that offers the "actors" of a story the opportunity to put themselves in the limelight. We explore this emptiness and discover that real emptiness is very hard to find. But we discover an undreamt-of wealth of "stage sets".
  • A protagonist - edge reference. When objects play on the "stage", the reference to the edge of the stage is essential. We explore the effect of positioning objects in a frame.
  • Two protagonists - dialogue. If two objects stand on the stage, a dialogue, an interaction develops. Not only the marginal reference, but also proximity and distance between the objects influence the visual effect.
  • Reality as object theatre. In the everyday world we recognize the stages, the marginal references, the protagonists and the fields of tension, relationships and dialogues that stretch out between them. In this way we integrate the learned concepts into contemporary visual worlds.
  • Image analysis. We get to know a simple variant of semiotic image analysis. An instrument that helps us to recognize and construct stories.

We work on and enjoy the topics in an alternation of short introductions, guided exercises and free photography. Thanks to small groups we have enough time for personal exchange and individual questions. Discussion of the pictures as required.


1 day, 10:00 - 17:00/18:00


Photographers, writers, painters, sculptors, tax consultants, bricklayers... in short: all persons interested in perception.

Simple previous knowledge to operate your own camera is helpful but not important. You need a simple digital camera. The most important instrument is yourself.



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No dates set at the moment. Signal me your interest - then I will inform you as soon as I have more information.


Bern, Schweiz.



SFr 200.- per person
Participation includes access to a virtual classroom for 6 months after the course for exchange after the course with direct contact with the teacher.



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