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Perception & Photography Workshop


Photography is more than just the technically realized documentation of visual events. Photography is a form of communication and inner worlds, feelings, thoughts, subconscious values and concepts play at least as important a role as the visible details of the outside world. This workshop lets you overcome any inhibitions you may have and thus opens doors and gates to your inner world. This will enable you to easily and intensively let your very personal "heart view of the world" shine through in your pictures and thus enable the viewer to resonate with your inner world.


We explore how the photographer's thought images become photographs and how they then become thought images for the viewer as well as for the viewer. In the process we discover the influence of individual feelings, values, concepts and world views on the transformation of the mental image ➢ photo and photo ➢ mental image.

In this way we get to know tools, experiments and mindsets that help to transfer aspects of the personal inner world into images.

I will accompany you with concrete exercises and you will gain practical experience in metaphorical photography. You will quickly and efficiently find new ways to let stories and emotions shine in your pictures. In this way pictures are created that can touch, move and fascinate.



  • Internal pictures - mind pictures. We look at the influence of emotions, conscious and unconscious thoughts and other influences on our view of the world.
  • Transformation. We discover possibilities and ways in which we find our view of the world in motifs.
  • Image design. We practice to show the found motives effectively in our pictures. In doing so, we touch on questions of image design as well as the elaboration in the digital laboratory.
  • Image observation. We touch on the powerful instrument of semiotic image viewing and thus integrate the new experiences and techniques for even better access to the inner images and conscious transformation into a designed image.
  • Discussion of the results and clarification of open questions.



1 day, 10:00 - 17:00/18:00


All people interested in "speaking", emotionally effective images that spread a personal message and mood.

Experiences with consciously designing photography are not a prerequisite. The basic handling of a camera (also everything in automatic mode) is helpful but not mandatory. All people care for inner pictures and the transformation does not depend on a camera. Painters or writers can benefit from this course just as well.



Roland Vögtli
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No dates set at the moment. Signal me your interest - then I will inform you as soon as I have more information.


Bern, Schweiz.



SFr 200.- per person
Participation includes access to a virtual classroom for 6 months after the course for exchange after the course with direct contact with the teacher.



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