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Perception & Photography Workshop


Encounters with the world, moments in which small or big stories emerge, touching experiences and scenes that you would like to share with others: wonderful sources for magical images. How often have you been disappointed when the photo you took later doesn't seem to contain the magic you experienced? How does the transfer from reality to the chip work? What does it take to present the raw image in such a way that the magic, the fascination, the story is revealed?

Welcome to the basic course "Metaphorical worlds of images"!


We think about metaphors and the possibilities for their visualization. Which design rules play a role? Which photographic techniques do we use to create powerful images? Which processing steps are optimal to accentuate the history of the image?

But we don't only remain on a technical level. We ask ourselves how we can perceive the world and its stories, so that the effective aspects and elements can flow into our picture design. We explore how the inner attitude, the personal reference and the individual perception ultimately have a decisive influence on the finished picture.

I will accompany you with concrete exercises and you will gain practical experience in metaphorical photography. In this way you will quickly and efficiently find new ways to let stories and emotions shine in your pictures.



  • Metaphors and visual language. We understand the power and structure of metaphors and find ways to use them in our images.
  • Visual accentuation. Stories should not get lost in details, but should resonate with the inner world of the viewer. We learn how to achieve this in our pictures. Omitting, emphasizing, composing.
  • Perception and transformation. We explore the effect of inner postures and perception filters on the raw material of our pictures. We study how perceived moments, stories and scenes can be transformed into images.
  • Concrete use of the tools. In this course the tools are our senses, the camera and the "digital laboratory". We learn to connect these tools optimally with each other.
  • Discussion of the results and clarification of open questions.



2 days, 10:00 - 17:00/18:00


All persons interested in the "speaking", emotionally effective, surprisingly magical images.

Basic knowledge of photography and the digital laboratory (see e.g. Digital Magic /1) on the Mac/PC is important. No special software knowledge necessary. You feel pretty confident with your camera, can already consciously use the existing technology to create "decent" documentary images. Now you want to achieve more than "just" show what there was to see on site. Now you would like to report your feelings with pictures or tell stories about the moment.



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No dates set at the moment. Signal me your interest - then I will inform you as soon as I have more information.


Bern, Schweiz.



SFr 380.- per person
Participation includes access to a virtual classroom for 6 months after the course for exchange after the course with direct contact with the teacher.



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