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Perception & Photography Workshop


Pictures tell more than a thousand words. But do they always do, or do they need special picture elements and compositions? How do I express myself in pictures, how do I find my own visual language?


In this workshop we dedicate ourselves to images that speak to us and images that speak of our view of the world: visual metaphors say more than a thousand words.

This workshop provides background knowledge on metaphors (language images) and insights into the visual "story telling". We discover connections between language and images and work our way through them to discover and develop a very personal visual language. This is how we create images with meaning and personal statements.

The workshop places great emphasis on the integration of knowledge through playful, pleasurable action. Several guided exercises, free photography to deepen your knowledge and a joint picture discussion offer fun, inspiration and tools for further steps on this exciting journey. You will not receive ready-made picture ideas and concepts, but directly applicable instruments to let your own thoughts and ideas flow into your own pictures.



  • Metaphors . Speak in and with images. Images do not only have to be a technical image of the world. They can tell stories that go far beyond the obvious. We look at the nature and construction of metaphors.
  • Metaphors. Basics for story telling with pictures.
  • Objects and interpretation . About things and their metaphorical meaning and how this changes when the context changes.
    Stage and actors. Stories play in a frame and on a stage. .
  • Thanks to small groups we have enough time for personal exchange and individual questions.



1 day, 10:00 - 17:00/18:00


Photographers, writers, painters, sculptors, tax consultants, bricklayers... in short: all persons interested in perception.

Simple previous knowledge to operate your own camera is helpful but not important. You need a simple digital camera. The most important instrument is yourself.



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No dates set at the moment. Signal me your interest - then I will inform you as soon as I have more information.


Bern, Schweiz.



SFr 200.- per person
Participation includes access to a virtual classroom for 6 months after the course for exchange after the course with direct contact with the teacher.



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