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Photography / Image manipulation

Digital magic #2

You already have experience in using the basic image editing and correction tools (e.g. Digital Magic #1). Now you want to learn to polish the "rough diamonds" artfully and sensitively, so that they can unfold their true sparkle and glow?

Welcome to the Digital Magic #2 advanced course!


We refine our image analysis skills and learn to optimize the images according to cinematic points of view in the style of Vincent Versace.

We learn to use light, color and sharpness in a way that optimally supports the desired image effect. This knowledge not only serves us in the digital laboratory, but also sharpens our photographic skills in image design before release.

We take care of the effect of light and shadow, color and colorlessness, sharpness and blur to guide the eyes and attention of the viewer. Often, by means of specifically planned corrections and adjustments of the image raw material, astonishing concretisations of image ideas can be achieved.

We are not interested in composing, but in "polishing the rough diamonds". The basic material is laid out in the picture, but it still needs refinement to achieve the impressive result.

In addition we learn the analytical, planning and technical skills in practical examples and applied experiments. A course that sharpens and expands the perception, concretizes the photographic work and enables the fine-tuning in the digital laboratory.



  • In-depth image analysis. We will learn and discuss criteria and methods for the refined viewing of images. Methodical instruments for the identification of "rough diamonds".
  • Concepts and strategies for image correction and optimization. We consider the cineastic approach to the targeted emphasis of effective image aspects.
  • Concrete use of tools. How do we use the tools to optimally make the planned corrections?
  • Common analysis of typical image problems.
  • Joint machining with simple steps. "Hands on" - you use the tools yourself.
  • Discussion of the results and clarification of open questions.


3 evenings, each 2.5 - 3h
In between exercises for home.


All persons interested in meaningful digital photography. Previous knowledge of the digital laboratory (see Digital Magic /1) on the Mac/PC is important. No special software knowledge necessary.

A computer and software is available in the course room. So you can get to know a range of programs already in the course. From easy-to-use, free programs to integrated photo management and editing suites to professional Photoshop applications, there are various instruments at your disposal. If you have a laptop, you can of course also bring it with you and work with it.


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No dates set at the moment. Signal me your interest - then I will inform you as soon as I have more information.


Bern, Schweiz.


SFr 300.- per person
Participation includes access to a virtual classroom for 6 months after the course for exchange after the course with direct contact with the teacher.


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A small selection of sample pictures:
(mouse pointer over image = see original)

Aletsch Glacier. On site: cold, blue skylight colours snow and rock, dramatic, warm sunlight breaks through the cloud cover. A challenge for the camera...

In the harbour basin: the loading pumps rise into the sky like the 4, err, 5 musketeers... but from the harbour cruise boat the shooting situation is limited.

The water splashes, the light makes the watercourses sparkle: a rich scene for the senses. For the objective chip, however, the magic is not "visible". It produces the rough diamond that needs polishing.



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