Dear, valued visitor.

Welcome to my place in cyber space, welcome to my world of visual impressions, welcome to where it matters what you see – Welcome to the Galleria Punctum Saliens.

This web presence is dedicated to the beauty of the world and does not contain violence, pornography, profanity and other mainstream consumer goods. Instead, this site concentrates on providing you with a source of positive inspiration. The main goal is to make you smile and enjoy.

The secondary goal is to provide you a condensed portfolio of my work, to provide a way of ordering prints of my pictures and last but not least, to give the two of us an opportunity to meet.

Follow me on my photo-blog and enjoy a stream of fresh pictures!

Foto-Workshops 2017

Beside the galleries, I'd like to invite you to enjoy free mental holidays on, my panorama picture project. You might also want to check out the exhibitions page for a chance to see my work printed in decent sizes. And finally, don't miss the opportunity to send some of my pictures as free electronic greeting cards...

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For those who are interested in photographic education, I wholeheartedly recommend "The Good Eye"

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