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Art Cards: A perfect symbiosis of a carefully selected image with an area, whose emptiness is pure invitation. An invitation to transform thought pictures into word pictures or sketches or symbols, or into nothing more than eloquent silence. In any case, the image is part of the message and thus it seems important to me that the card designs, just as the personal thoughts and emotions, can break out of the mainstream.

Motivated by the desire to accompagny the individual thoughts an outstanding image partner, I have developed a set of cards from my bodyof work in the field of contemplative and artistic photography.

With such a card set you give highly personal gifts.

The sets are carefully assembled and packed attractively into transparent film.

Set of 5 cards & envelopes: SFr. 12.00 CHF
Set of 4 cards & envelopes: SFr. 8.00 CHF

Combine cardsets and get even better prices: 

15 cards
& envelopes : 32.00 CHF
20 cards
& envelopes : 36.00 CHF
25 cards
& envelopes : 40.00 CHF
50 cards
& envelopes : 70.00 CHF

The card subjects

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I wish you a colourful season!


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